Nickole Rougeau | 23 | September 19, 1990
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"After Zanzibar I was taken from the fight. Neither truly alive, nor truly dead. An Undying Shadow in a World of Light." -Gray Fox

"Wind Blows Rain Falls, and the Strong Prey Upon the Weak." -Monsoon

"Let's go practice medicine. " -Medic

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First selfie in space: Buzz Aldrin, Gemini 12, 1966.


First selfie in space: Buzz Aldrin, Gemini 12, 1966.

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Hesitation Marks



Im both literally screaming and laughing Internally

beware tho the Pain has been Metal Gear’s equivalent of Freddy Kruger lately ffff

Don not piss off Pain… >_____>;;

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Video Game Meme / Soundtracks [1/5] → Metal Gear Rising Boss Themes





   "A rather pleasant surprise, I fully expected things to be quite the mess once I returned.” 

"The building is still certainly," she murmured—eyes darting around to take in cracks within the sheet rock from the building being pitched back and forth; the Ripper had none of her thanks.  

"I meant more along the lines of the paperwork, Captain."  

"At least the building is structurally sound.  You were out of action for a while.  Your body is still quite an undertaking to construct, or so the resident technicians continue to inform me."  


   He let out a deep breath before speaking. "I suppose I should at least be grateful for the fact the building itself is still standing. Though I give you my gratitude for handling my paperwork while I was in repairs. They were persistent with informing me of that a number of times as well, specifically insisting that I avoid anything resembling my last encounter with Jack.” 

"I’d have to say that it would have definitely made things a lot more difficult if he’d of destroyed any of the floors with the actual cybernetics laboratories on it.  As far as the paperwork goes, don’t worry about it.  I know you don’t expect anything short of my best." 

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